FRP Pultruded Profile

FRP Pultruded Profile

Pultrusion is continuous process of manufacturing in which a specifically arranged pattern of resin rich reinforcement fibre and fabric is pulled through steel die to form profiles of consistent cross section of continuous length. Arvind Composites has the ability of producing pultrude profiles as thin as 1.5 mm for radomes to sturdy sections up to 15 mm thickness. We also pultrude complicated shapes with outstanding accuracy such as fan blades, decks and custom purpose profiles.

Arvind Composites has ability to produce pultruded FRP products using a range of reinforcement cores including glass rovings and carbon-fibers, chopped strand mats (CSM), Continuous filament mats (CFM) and Multiaxial fabrics. Through our in-house capability at Arvind-PD, we have a significant edge in terms of developing tailor-made reinforcement systems that optimally complement the different resin systems. Our experience in handling different matrix systems includes ISO, PTA, Ortho, Vinyl Ester, Epoxy and a variety of blends thereof. Each of this resin systems have its own benefits in terms of cost effectiveness, chemical resistance and strength along different dimensions. We also use surface veils for achieving UV resistance and to give fine finish to the product.

Our mature pultrusion facility is matched with full equipped mechanical and chemical laboratories that help us perform all relevant tests for incoming raw materials and finished outputs. For very specialized tests, we have standing relationships with independent testing labs and academic institutions. Our quality team is well equipped to test using various international standards published by CTI, ASTM, ISO, EN, BS, DIN. We have highly qualified design and product development teams which routinely work with customers to provide respective services, apart from supporting our own manufacturing and product development activities.

We also have well equipped fabrication facilities that use CNC machines integrated with CAD-CAM systems to provide fabricated, ready-to-assemble products as per customer drawings. For products like x-arm bars and radomes, we also provide accessory components like end-caps and foam-inserts, as a part of fully assembled component/sub-system.

Arvind Composite’s range of FRP pultruded products includes:

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