Arvind Composites is the largest supplier of cooling tower fan-stacks, mass-transport solutions and other hand-moulded products for different applications. Hand moulding involves laying layers of reinforcement fabrics, mats and rovings on a mould while applying resin formulations in between each layer – typically through a manual lay-up or spray method. The mould itself is made using a wooden pattern.

Hand Moulding is the simple but effective process on which the composites industry was founded. It continues to be extensively employed. Even though It is considered as more labor-intensive then other manufacturing processes, its ability to develop complex, irregular parts and coping up with prototype development (short runs at lower costs) makes it an attractive manufacturing process. This kind of molding process is also used to make hand-molded gratings where molds are made of machine cut steel of different grid sizes.

Arvind Composites has expertise in manufacturing of FRP hand molded products such as fan stacks for cooling towers, CP panel, gratings and components such as window frames and toilet cabinets for the railway industry. Depending on the characteristics needed, and the volumes involved, we also deploy vacuum infusion and resin-transfer methods. Arvind’s highly experienced hand-moulding team includes an industry leading capability for tooling development, rigorous testing and quality assurance procedures, as well as ability to design and fabricate parts. We can develop and produce parts in unlimited number of shapes, resin chemistry and reinforcement sequence.

Range of Hand Moulded products and solutions include: 


Grating size(inches) Grating size(mm)
4' x 12'x 1.5"  sq. mesh and 1.5" thick Miniscus Top Grating-38.1x38.1x38.1
4' x 12'x1.5" sq. mesh and  1.25" thick Miniscus Top Grating-38.1x38.1x30.1
4' x 12'x 1.5" sq. mesh and 1" thick Miniscus Top Grating-38.1x38.1x25.1
13.30' x 5' x 19mm sq. mesh Micromesh  and 1.5" thick Miniscus Top Grating-19x19x38.1x38.1
13.28' x 5' x 12mm sq. mesh Mini Micromesh  and 1.5" thick Miniscus Top Grating-12x12x38.1x38.1
4' x 12'x 2" sq. mesh and 2" thick Miniscus Top Grating-50.8x50.8x50


Diameter(ft) Height(ft)
36 20
32 19
30 14
24 15

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