Prepregs are fibre and resin combinations which are cured under heat and pressure to form exceptionally strong yet light weight components. In a nutshell,

Fibre + Resin + Processing = PRepreg

(Carbon, E-Glass, S Glass or Aramid Fibre) (Epoxy, Phenolic, Polyester) (Film Transfer, Impregnation)

Depending on application, prepregs are made from Carbon, Glass or Aramid fibre, with Epoxy, Phenolic or Polyester resin systems. Prepregs are used for high performance applications where uniformity in the composite product is critical. Applications are varied from Aerospace, Marine, Mass Transportation, Sports and Energy and utilities. Prepregs are made in various forms such as unidirectional prepregs (in tape / roll forms), bi-directional fabric and multi-directional fabric. Unidirectional prepregs are the most widely used.

Arvind Composites has expertise in manufacturing unidirectional prepregs and woven prepregs UD prepreg, using Carbon / Glass fibre and epoxy resins. Arvind can vary the fibre to resin ratio based on the application, ranging from 30:70 to 70:30. These are made on automated machines with minimal human intervention to ensure consistency and uniformity in product. Arvind’s prepregs demonstrate excellent mechanical performance, tackiness and toughness, suitable for applications in Sports and Industrial segments.

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