CIPP Solution

Cured-In-Place-Pipe is a contemporary technology for retro-fitting and rehabilitation of damaged gravity fed pipes that typically carry wastewater, treated water, sewage, chemicals and even gases. With rapid urbanization, these water lines are typically buried under several layers of buildings, roads, rails and other construction. As such, the traditional method of digging the pipe out and replacing is prohibitively expensive, and in many cases just not practical

CIPP offers a novel technology to rehabilitate pre-existing pipe by building a pipe-inside-a-pipe, which can last upto additional 40 years. Without the need to dig surface or roads laid over the existing pipes, this trenchless method involves inserting a resin impregnated felt lining inside the pipe, which is cured in- situ. Pipe diameters ranging from as low as 2 inches to as high as 150 inches can be repaired using CIPP.

Arvind BKP Technology Private Limited is a joint venture of Arvind Limited with BKP Berolina of Germany, who are pioneers and global leaders in CIPP UV cured technology. Arvind-BKP offers CIPP UV cured liners, for various pipe rehabilitation application for Public and Private enterprises. We have established a fully equipped laboratory to test the CIPP liners and is working with contractors to train them to handle this innovative solution.

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