Glass Fabric Weaving

Arvind-PD Composites weaves glass rovings, aramids and polyester fibers to create a range of multi-axial and woven fabrics and mats. This joint venture with Preiss Daimler group uses state-of-the-art German machinery that services Wind, Marine, Automotive and Pultrusion industries. Our 20,000 tons per annum facility has Dornier looms, Multi-axial and Bi-axial weaving machines, Maliwatt and Tube Fabric machine. Across this equipment, we have the ability to produce rolls upto 3000kg and 1500 meters in length, 410 cm in width and 3600 GSM in grammage.

Arvind PD has extensive testing facilities to analyse linear density (tex), moisture content & loss on ignition (LOI) of Glass fibre roving as well as mass of the product (gsm). A custom-built laminating machine working on Vacuum Infusion Technology helps to produce very high-quality test laminate samples, which are analysed using scanner and SCADA systems. Arvind PD facility is certified ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001; and its products accredited by Germanischer Lloyd, Lloyd’s Register-UK, IRS certification.

Glass woven fabrics made from E-glass and ECR-glass direct roving

Multi-axial fabrics in variety of orientations

Complex fabrics – glass roving fabrics stitch bonded with non-woven/ chopped strand matts

Tube fabrics

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