Composite Glass Fiber Energy & Utilities

Arvind Composites supplies the energy and renewable industry with both mid-stream products like glass-fibre fabrics that reinforce wind-turbine parts to finished products such as cross-arm bars.

Our glass-fibre fabrics are certified and routinely used by global wind-energy players. We make a range of woven, multi-axial, complex and tubular fabrics. For more details

Pultruded and hand moulded FRP products from Arvind Composites are used as cross-arm bars, wedges and reinforcements for wind-turbines and structures for supporting solar panels. The popularity of these products stems from several advantages over conventional materials including the strength to weight ratio, low maintenance and thermal/electrical insulation characteristics.

Longevity of FRP also results in low carbon footprint.

Key products supplied by Arvind Composites include:

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