Mass Transportation

FRP is a material of choice for interiors of mass transportation equipment such as rails, metro, buses and airplanes. Ability to be moulded in practically any shape, a wide range of surface finish and colours, easy to clean and maintain, and finally lightweight – yet strong – all these characteristics make composites the default solution for mass transport structures and interiors. Flexibility in moulding into complex shapes makes these panels replace multiple parts while low fire, smoke and toxicity indices make it a safe alternative compared to traditional materials such as wood based panels. At Arvind Composites, we use several manufacturing methods like RTM, LRTM, VARTM, Pre-preg Moulding, Painting, Gluing, Assembly, Vacuum Press Lamination, Bulk Moulding, Pultrusion and Compression Moulding to produce a wide range of components and solutions for Mass Transportation industry. Our facilities have clean room for adhesive gluing as per DIN 6701, and our test labs have a wide range of equipment to comprehensively test on not just mechanical properties, but also on smoke density, toxicity index, limiting oxygen and moisture absorption. We are an approved supplier to Bombardier Transportation and Indian Railways. Our facilities are certified ISO9001, ISO14001 and IRIS (TS 22163).
The internal and exterior products which we supply are as follows:

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